Navy blue rear racket motorcycle helmet

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Navy blue rear racket motorcycle helmet.

Composed of carbon fiber hardened by a pre-impregnated thermostable resin. First generation ABS thermoplastic material. Polycarbonate screen or visor. Sun visor. Double ring micrometric retention system. Manufactured by NZI

To choose your helmet size you must take measurements of the perimeter of your head. Approximately 2 cm above the eyebrows, going around completely. If you have doubts between two sizes, always choose the one that best fits you, since over time helmets tend to give in on the inside.

  • Size S - Perimeter 55-56 cm.
  • Size M - Perimeter 57-58 cm.
  • Size L - Perimeter 59-60 cm.
  • Size XL - Perimeter 61-62 cm.