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summer cocktail

Coctel de verano



Have you been invited to a party and you are not sure about the look? Are you planning to attend an event on a summer night? Don't worry, we are here to lend a hand. Have you seen in the invitation that you have to dress according to a cocktail party and have you had doubts? Normal. Today the dress code has been relaxed and the dress code has been left to the interpretation of the guests (with the risk that this entails).

We will try to give you the keys to avoid committing any stylistic attack at the night parties of the coming season.

Given the multitude of options, there is one that never fails…

If the party is informal, it does not mean that you have to dress like you would go to the beach. That “informal” means that you can and should do without the tie. Of course, a good white scarf placed sympathetically with its peaks facing out can give the touch you need.

Given the multitude of combinations that you can choose for the jacket and pants, there is one that never fails: The navy blue suit. For this occasion, choose one in a brighter tone, something lighter than simple navy blue.

A tip to endure the hot summer nights in style. Wear a linen shirt under the suit, preferably white. You don't have to take the brightest colors out of the closet. Save them for the next gathering of friends. If by some chance you have to take off your jacket, or a conga drags you over the edge of the pool to the terrace, don't worry, the linen shirt will keep you looking cool . That is why it is a perfect ally for these occasions. We don't understand summer without linen shirts. That's how hot it is in August.

Remember that you can afford to wear shoes without socks. At Dress Code we give you license to do so. It is another aspect in which you can relax the look and provide that informal character that the event demands.

And remember, finally, the most important style tip: Parties are for having fun, if you're not going to do it, better stay home. Elegant people have fun. Although sometimes he hides it.