What is Silbon's commitment?

Social commitment has been part of our DNA for more than 6 years now.

The Silbon Commitment was born at the beginning of 2015. That year we had the vision to bet on an innovative solidarity project, which consisted of choosing a boy with Down Syndrome as the main model for our PV15 campaign, giving the world an example of inclusion that broke boundaries, becoming to this day our best marketing campaign.

From that moment on, we understood that social commitment was going to be a differentiating factor between Silbon and its competitors, and that every year we should materialise it in a great project.

Today, the company's social commitment remains stronger than ever, with the following main objectives for 2021:

1. To create the Silbon Foundation, in order to channel all our projects through it.

2. To create a line of sustainable products, OXIGEN.

3. Reto Valelapierna: creation of a capsule collection of T-shirts in collaboration with the Paralympic tennis player Daniel Caverzaschi, with an inclusive theme on the subject of disability. 100% of the profit from all the T-shirts will be donated to the Spanish Paralympic Committee.

Benefited foundations:

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