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In our Tailoring section you can find suits, morning coats and tuxedos made of fabrics from the best brands. Discover the collection here.

Do you prefer a tailored and personalized suit? With our Made to Measure service you can have the suit you want.


Discover our tailoring collection in our stores and online. Noble garments made of different fabrics such as 100% wool, cotton, linen... from prestigious brands.

In Tailoring code

Versatile patterns presented in sartorial code to enhance a style; the Silbon style. A timeless and sophisticated style that emanates from the classic canons of good dressing, craftsmanship elevated to the highest level and excellence in each of the garments that are part of our tailoring line.

Differential Architecture

Our Silbon Tailoring line for men and women is made up of different models and styles of suits. All of them characterized by a subtle architecture in blazers, by the classic cut in our pants, and by careful details such as the exquisite buttoning of our vests or the different pocket options.

Made to Measure

Are you looking for a unique tailored suit that suits you 100%? Come to the selected stores or make an appointment here and we will guide you through this unique process.

The customization possibilities for each garment are multiple and will allow you to get a unique custom-made suit true to the Silbon style, but adapted to your personality.

The delivery period for the MTM service lasts ninety days.

A renewed concept of bespoke tailoring...

Design your suit

1. Choose the garment

2. Choose the fabric and trimmings

The fabrics that make up the catalog are all exclusive cloths, of the highest quality, from legendary houses such as Marzotto and Angelico. In addition, these fabrics are made of 100% natural wool fiber.

In the findings the options are very varied; You can choose the color of the lining, which is personalized with the brand's logo, the color of the trim inside the garment, the type of button and its color, as well as the option of personalizing the interior labeling with your initials. of the garment.

3. The preparation

In our physical stores we have test suits, which are the ones that our Personal Tailoring team will try on you to find out what your size is, both back, waist, length, etc. After this step, your client file will be filled out, which will include all your choices and measurements.

The garments are made under the supervision of the design team. After receiving them, a phone test is scheduled for final adjustments. The goal is to achieve a perfect tailored suit.

If no adjustments need to be made, everything will be finished, otherwise a final appointment will have to be made. Once you are part of our Made to Measure customer database, you will only have to call your usual store to request a new garment from this service, shortening the steps of the previous process.

Service Fees