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Welcome to the Silbon metaverse

What is the metaverse? It is an environment where humans interact socially and

economically as avatars in a cyberspace, which acts as a

metaphor of the real world but without its physical or economic limitations.

We have already entered it and we have an office and a store. Tea

We present our office in the Horizon Workrooms metaverse

In this space we hold our internal meetings.

Here we can take notes, share screen, change the room to our liking, change

place or reorganize the room to increase its size, climb the lectern if we want to exhibit in the

blackboard, draw or write on the blackboard from our table…

Get to know our Silbon store in Decentraland

Immerse yourself in the metaverse and discover our Silbon store in Decentralan.
*Only available in desktop browsers.


Looking to the future... We will launch a collection of 50 Mr Preppy NFTs in all its

Aspects. You will be able to purchase a unique digital piece from Silbon that will be your pass to access

Benefits for being part of the club:

  • Descuentos exclusivos
  • Regalos
  • Invitaciones a eventos
  • Rebajas anticipadas
  • etc…

These are examples of our limited NFTS collection. Only our VIP clients

They will be able to purchase a Silbon NFT. We will soon tell you how!