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We accompany our ambassador for 10 years, Paco Montalvo, on his return to the stage. The show is titled “Alma del violin flamenco” and will take place at the Rocío Jurado Auditorium (Seville) next Saturday, June 11 at 9:30 p.m.

Also from Silbon, we will raffle three double tickets to attend the concert. Don't forget to participate!

You want to know more ? Here we leave some questions to Paco Montalvo about his return.


1 – How do you achieve success and stay in a market dominated by rhythms like reggaeton?

Musical success is very relative. For me, it lies in personal enjoyment and in being able to move the audience regardless of the style of music you make.

From a commercial point of view there is a reality, it seems that if you don't do reggaeton, you stay outside the general public, although if you dig a little deeper, you see new artists and also established ones who flee or transcend what is called "commercial" and build and They take care of their community by being unique. In my case, I think it has always been essential to grow through effort, taking care of and building loyalty with all the people who have appreciated my music and this is a work of content, perseverance and gratitude to each of my followers.

It is very satisfying to act outside our borders and feel the admiration of the public in countries like the United States, France, Mexico or Israel and to have achieved something that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago, and today, we have almost 1,000,000 of followers adding all the social networks and new listeners who discover my music daily. This is something that encourages you to keep trying and keep creating.

2 – What type of repertoire is your career heading towards? Because your ability to approach different repertoires and genres is well known.

I like to innovate and I will continue doing so, opening new horizons. I am lucky to have been born in Córdoba and to have deeply felt this art of ours since I was little. Current flamenco gives me life to create and innovate with different styles. There is such a wide path that I plan to enjoy it to the fullest because the feeling of creating something new, something never seen before, is incredible. I am currently working in the recording studio and I can tell you that I am fusing Argentine tango with flamenco violin and I am really liking it.

3 – The majority of your followers are women, although you seduce all types of audiences from different sectors and ages. What is the secret?

I try to be myself and true to my music. I think it is the most authentic way to reach people and achieve what seems so ephemeral and at the same time is so difficult, such as emoting through a melody, an arpeggio or a chord. Paco de Lucía said that for him the important thing was that he liked his music regardless of what others thought. Although we already know the admiration of music lovers for the work of the Maestro. Unrepeatable.