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Mothers have that powerful gift of taking care of us, loving us and defending us above all things without ceasing to continue giving us touches until the end of days. For all this, they are very necessary


The wonderful Meryl Streep said that motherhood has a very humanizing effect, where everything is reduced to the essentials. And what is essential: love, security, joy and courage. It seems that there being more than what is essential has been essential in recent times (redundancies apply).
So that's why we wanted to do this Mother's Day x Silbon Woman campaign so much.

To celebrate, a few days ago we did an experiment with a group of six mothers:

Maria Garrido, Ana Antic, Marieta Yanguas, Paula Morera, Cristina Gullón and Ishtar Espejo, all of them very friends of our brand and very different, with whom we set out to explore the path of motherhood both from the point of view of the mother, as well as the daughters, to reach the conclusion that that timeline, despite all being very different, would be something like this:

«Mothers have that powerful gift of taking care of us, loving us and defending us above all things without ceasing to continue giving us touches until the end of days. For all that, they are very necessary«


The best thing about this timeline is that at the end and not before, because there is no doubt that it is an interesting path... you realize that your mother is the absolute best thing you have. And that children, who see their mother as an absolute hero when they are little, are right, but they don't know it until they get older.

If your mother is no longer here, you will have realized what it is like to lose your greatest accomplice, your greatest support, your greatest fan, and that, despite the vicissitudes of life and how your relationship with her will never It was linear and it changes from how incredible your mother was, sometimes you don't even have time to appreciate it enough.


«So many times we forget that our mothers are normal women like us and we demand so much from them without knowing it (much more than they from us despite all the adolescent complaints)«


“My daughters and I are all three very similar, we like the same things” “It is very important that my daughters see me as a role model, as I have seen my mother”

Ana Antic

“Now I understand my mother a lot”

Paula Morera

“We should love each other a little more and be more relaxed, wanting to do everything well, it's a recipe for frustration”

Ishtar Mirror

"The years go by and you understand things about your mother"

Marieta Yanguas

"You realize many things when you are a mother"

Ana Antic

“Motherhood has made me a better person, it has changed my way of being, and I find it incredible”

Maria Garrido

«It is important then to demand much less of ourselves, because they do not demand as much of us, and to remember that, as people, as mothers, as professionals or as a couple, we do not need to meet any standards.«

But when you are a mother, that doesn't matter to you at all, it will be because of that generosity that accompanies motherhood, all the mothers in the campaign, without exception, told us that being a mother is the best thing that had happened to them in their lives, the truth is that we expected a little variety, but there wasn't any.


“during your adolescence, your mother does not understand you, she stops being that reference that she was in childhood”

"When I became a mother, I discovered everything she had given for me, I realized everything I had not appreciated, it was a defining moment"

Ishtar Mirror

"My mother is always with me when I need her the most to help"

Leo son of Ishtar Mirror


“Motherhood and society judge us, but I have been learning to be less of a perfectionist and forgive myself and learn from mistakes.”

Ana Antic

"My mother is super powerful, super good and very beautiful"

Petra and Ivana Loncar, daughters of Ana Antic

At the end of the experiment we realized how important it is to believe our children more, to believe that reflection and to believe that what we do, as mothers, is important and it is essential to know and believe that we are doing it very well.

The most important ones for us, they already see us as perfect, let's believe them.

Happy mother's day to all